ConversionJob.CancelJob Method (Guid, Guid, Nullable<Guid>)

Cancels the specified conversion job.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Word.Server.Conversions
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Word.Server (in Microsoft.Office.Word.Server.dll)


Public Shared Sub CancelJob ( _
    id As Guid, _
    jobId As Guid, _
    subscriptionId As Nullable(Of Guid) _
Dim id As Guid
Dim jobId As Guid
Dim subscriptionId As Nullable(Of Guid)

ConversionJob.CancelJob(id, jobId, subscriptionId)
public static void CancelJob(
    Guid id,
    Guid jobId,
    Nullable<Guid> subscriptionId


  • jobId
    Type: System.Guid

    A Guid that specifies the unique ID for the conversion job that you want to cancel.

  • subscriptionId
    Type: System.Nullable<Guid>

    A Nullable<Guid> structure that specifies the partition ID of the tenant that created this conversion job.


    If the SharePoint farm is not configured for multiple tenants, pass a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) as the argument for this parameter.

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