SP.Web.mapToIcon(fileName, progId, size) Method

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Returns the name of the image file for the icon that is used to represent the specified file.

var value = SP.Web.mapToIcon(fileName, progId, size);


  • fileName
    Specifies the name of the file which is used to determine the image file name.

    If a null or empty string is passed into this parameter, the protocol server must return an empty string.

Type: string

  • progId
    Specifies the ProgID of the application that was used to create the file.

    If the value of this parameter is null or an empty string, the protocol server must provide the name of the image file based on the specified fileName.

Type: string

  • size
    Specifies the icon size.

Type: SP.Utilities.IconSize

Return Value

Type: SP.StringResult

Applies To

SP.Web Class

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