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The CellSetMember type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property Caption The caption of the member. (Overrides ResultMember.Caption.)
Public property ChildCount The number of children of the member. (Overrides ResultMember.ChildCount.)
Public property Description The description of the member. (Overrides ResultMember.Description.)
Public property DrilledDown Indicates whether the member is in a drilled-down state. (Overrides ResultMember.DrilledDown.)
Public property LevelDepth The depth in the hierarchy of the level that contains this member. (Overrides ResultMember.LevelDepth.)
Public property LevelName The name of the level that contains this member. (Overrides ResultMember.LevelName.)
Public property MemberProperties The collection of member properties of the member. (Overrides ResultMember.MemberProperties.)
Public property Name The name of the member. (Overrides ResultMember.Name.)
Public property Parent The parent of the member. (Overrides ResultMember.Parent.)
Public property UniqueName The unique name of the member. (Overrides ResultMember.UniqueName.)


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