Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Backup Namespace

Provides types and members for performing backup and restore operations on Microsoft SharePoint Foundation sites.

Four types of built-in components can be backed up and restored with the classes of this namespace: the entire farm, content publishing Web services, Web applications, and content databases. You also can create new content types that can be backed up and restored by implementing the IBackupRestore interface.

You can use the classes in Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment to create backups and restorations of individual site collections and Web sites.


  Class Description
Public class SPBackupInformation Provides information about a backup operation, such as the location of the backup device.
Public class SPBackupRestoreConfigurationSettings Represents some farm wide settings used in backup and restore operations.
Public class SPBackupRestoreConsole Provides static methods for running and managing backup and restore operations.
Public class SPBackupRestoreConsoleObject Represents a particular backup or restore operation.
Public class SPBackupRestoreHistoryList A list of past backup and restore operations (including those that failed or were cancelled before finishing) for a particular backup location.
Public class SPBackupRestoreHistoryObject Represents a single current or past backup or restore operation.
Public class SPBackupRestoreInformation Provides information about a backup or restore job that is running or has just completed.
Public class SPBackupRestoreObject Provides helper functions for backup and restore operations and acts as a container for an SPBackupRestoreInformation object and its correlated IBackupRestore object.
Public class SPBackupRestoreObjectCollection Represents a collection of SPBackupRestoreObject objects.
Public class SPBackupRestoreParameter Represents a backup or restore parameter and provides helper members to support user input of parameter values.
Public class SPBackupRestoreParameterCollection Represents a collection of SPBackupRestoreParameter objects.
Public class SPBackupRestoreSettings Stores a pattern of settings for a backup or restore operation.
Public class SPBackupSettings Represents the configuration settings for a backup operation, including the number of threads to use.
Public class SPDatabaseSnapshot Represents a database snapshot of a Microsoft SQL Server database.
Public class SPDatabaseSnapshotCollection Represents a collection of SPDatabaseSnapshot objects that are Microsoft SQL Server database snapshots. This class also provides methods and properties for the management of the database snapshots.
Public class SPDatabaseSnapshotRestoreEvent Represents the restoration of a database from one of its snapshots.
Public class SPRestoreEventArgs Provides data for handling an ObjectsRestored event.
Public class SPRestoreInformation Provides information about a restore operation that is currently underway or just completed.
Public class SPRestoreSettings Represents the configuration settings for a restore operation. The settings include the method of restoration, the backup to be restored, and farm logon information.
Public class SPVssComponentDefinition Provides information about a custom, non-database, SharePoint Foundation content component to the SharePoint VSS Writer service.
Public class SPVssDiscoveryHelper Enables custom types of non-database content components to be protected by Volume Shadow Service.


  Interface Description
Public interface IBackupRestore Enables the content that a class represents to be backed up and restored.
Public interface IBackupRestoreConfiguration Provides a property that indicates whether the component that the implementing class represents can be included in backups (and restorations) of only configuration settings.
Public interface IBackupRestoreTreeFormatter Formats, for use in a UI, a tree presentation of the components on the farm that can be backed up.
Public interface IDatabaseSnapshotRestore When implemented by a class derived from SPDatabase, provides custom pre-restoration and post-restoration processing when the database is restored from a snapshot.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate SPRestoreCompleteEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the ObjectsRestored event of an SPFarm.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration SPBackupMethodType Specifies whether all content or only changed content is backed up.
Public enumeration SPBackupRestoreLogSeverity Specifies the severity of an issue that occurs during a backup or restore operation and is logged with a message.
Public enumeration SPBackupRestorePhaseType Specifies what stage in a backup or restore operation is currently underway.
Public enumeration SPRestoreMethodType Specifies whether only content that does not already exist in the restore target is restored from the backup object or whether content with the same name as in the backup object is also overwritten.
Public enumeration SPRestoreType Specifies whether a site collection or a content component larger than a site collection; that is, a farm, Web service, Web application, or content database; is restored.