StssyncHandler Control

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

An ActiveX control that provides a method for returning the name of the application that is used to synchronize events lists and contacts lists in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 with a messaging application such as Microsoft Outlook 2010.


This control is defined in the OWSSUPP.dll file, a dynamic-link library (DLL) that is installed in the Local_Drive:\\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE14 directory on the client computer during Microsoft Office Setup.

To instantiate this control, use the following function in JScript or JavaScript (ECMAScript):

new ActiveXObject("SharePoint.StssyncHandler.3")

In Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), use the following to instantiate the control:



If the script on the page determines that the version of the application is Microsoft Office 2003 or earlier, 2 is used as the version number.

For information about synchronizing applications with SharePoint Foundation, see GetListItemChangesSinceToken and Synchronizing Applications.

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