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The SearchServiceInstance type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property AdminComponents
Public property CanUpgrade (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Public property Components
Public property CrawlComponents
Public property DedicatedWebFrontEndServer Obsolete. Specifies a dedicated Web server for indexing content.
Public property DefaultIndexLocation Default index location for new search applications.
Public property Description A brief summary or description of the service instance. (Overrides SPServiceInstance.Description.)
Public property DisplayName (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property Farm (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property Hidden (Inherited from SPServiceInstance.)
Public property Id (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property IndexLocations Obsolete. Specifies a read-only, case-insensitive collection of index locations for all provisioned search applications.
Public property Instance (Inherited from SPServiceInstance.)
Public property IsBackwardsCompatible (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Public property ManageLink Gets a link object that represents the action that manages the search service in SharePoint Central Administration. (Overrides SPServiceInstance.ManageLink.)
Public property MinutesBetweenCrawlSchedulingAttempts
Public property Name (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property NeedsUpgrade (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Public property NeedsUpgradeIncludeChildren (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Public property Parent (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property Properties (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Protected property ProvisionAutoStart (Overrides SPWindowsServiceInstance.ProvisionAutoStart.)
Public property ProvisionLink Gets a link object that represents the action that starts the search service in SharePoint Central Administration. (Overrides SPServiceInstance.ProvisionLink.)
Protected property ProvisionUpdateStatus (Overrides SPServiceInstance.ProvisionUpdateStatus.)
Public property QueryComponents
Public property RequiresAdministrationService Gets a value that indicates whether the service instance is part of a farm.
Public property Role Obsolete. Gets the role of the search service instance.
Public property Roles Obsolete. (Inherited from SPServiceInstance.)
Public property Server (Inherited from SPServiceInstance.)
Public property Service (Inherited from SPServiceInstance.)
Public property Status (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Public property SystemService A Boolean value that determines whether Windows services can be stopped from the search administration user interface. (Overrides SPServiceInstance.SystemService.)
Public property TypeName (Inherited from SPServiceInstance.)
Public property UnprovisionLink Gets a link object that represents the action that stops the search service in SharePoint Central Administration. (Overrides SPServiceInstance.UnprovisionLink.)
Public property UpgradeContext (Inherited from SPPersistedUpgradableObject.)
Public property UpgradedPersistedProperties (Inherited from SPAutoSerializingObject.)
Public property Version (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)
Protected property WasCreated (Inherited from SPPersistedObject.)


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