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Renders the URL of a particular form for a specified list.

  Cmd = "Text"
  NoID = "TRUE" | "FALSE">





Optional Text. Specifies the display mode appropriate for the form. Can be one of the following values for DisplayMode: Display, DisplayHead, Edit, New, PreviewDisplay, PreviewEdit, PreviewNew. This attribute can also be set to LookUp, which is used during field rendering to return the display form in the foreign list for a lookup field.


Optional Boolean. TRUE to return the URL of the item form without including the item ID as part of the URL.

Child Elements


Parent Elements



Minimum: 0

Maximum: Unbounded


Because links returned by this element are absolute URLs and already encoded, there is no need to use the URLEncodeAsURL attribute to encode the URL (see Global Attributes for HTML-Rendering Elements).

The following examples show the URLs returned by using the URL element on an Announcements list:

  • <URL Cmd="EDIT"/> renders "http://Server_Name/Site_Name/Lists/Announcements/EditForm.aspx"

  • <URL Cmd="NEW"/> renders "http://Server_Name/Site_Name/Lists/Announcements/NewForm.aspx"

  • <URL Cmd="DISPLAY"/> renders "http://Server_Name/Site_Name/Lists/Announcements/DispForm.aspx"

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