Collaboration Platform

Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server provides the operating system, file system, and networking environment for Microsoft SharePoint™ Portal Server 2001.

SharePoint Portal Server uses the Microsoft Web Storage System, which extends the operating system to provide a storage solution with greater integration between content and associated metadata. SharePoint Portal Server stores workspaces, documents, properties, folders, categories, user roles, and even the SharePoint Portal Server Web Parts in Web Storage System.

SharePoint Portal Server also uses the following Windows platform components:

  • Internet Information Services (IIS) to host the dashboard site and provide remote World Wide Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV)-based document management and search.
  • The Digital Dashboard Framework, on which the dashboard site user interface is built.
  • The server XMLHTTP component and WebDAV/DASL to search for and access documents and metadata on SharePoint Portal Server.

Programming the SharePoint Portal Server Collaboration Platform

Applications can use either ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO), or the XMLHTTP component and HTTP/WebDAV to access remote SharePoint Portal Server computers and the Web Storage System. Web applications that use SharePoint Portal Server for document searching or storage use IIS and Active Server Pages (ASP).

The SharePoint Portal Server dashboard site uses Microsoft Digital Dashboard technologies. You can add dashboards and Web Parts to the SharePoint Portal Server dashboard site by using standard digital dashboard development methods.

Microsoft Web Storage System

Searching with ADO

Searching with XMLHTTP and WebDAV

SharePoint Portal Server Digital Dashboard Web Parts

WebDAV/DASL Request and Response Syntax