CreationDate Property

The CreationDate property contains the date and time in Greenwich mean time (GMT) that the item was created in the local database or file system.

Property CreationDate As Variant(VT_DATE)[C++]
Get method:
HRESULT get_CreationDate(DATE*varCreationDate);

[Visual Basic]



Return Values

This property returns a Variant that contains the creation date.

Error Values

If an error is raised, Err.Number is set to one of the values documented on the Error Messages page.



Get method:

  • varCreationDate
    [out, retval] Pointer to a DATE that contains the creation date.
Return Values

For a list of error messages returned by SharePoint Portal Server, see Error Messages.


This is a read-only property.

CreationDate corresponds to the "DAV:creationdate" property.