GetAudienceIDs(System.Collections.ArrayList) Method

The GetAudienceIDs method of the AudienceManager class gets a list of AudienceNameID objects that correspond to the specified list of audience names.


AudienceNameList ArrayList that contains audience names.

Return Value

System.Collections.ArrayList List of AudienceNameID objects.


Exception Type Condition
AudienceNoContentException Error was encountered while retrieving audience information from the database.


The GetAudienceIDs method retrieves an AudienceNameID object that corresponds to the list of audience names specified in AudienceNameList.


The following code example shows how to build an ArrayList of audience names and invoke the GetAudienceIDs method.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Security: Code Access Security

Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.Audience Namespace