DeleteUserCredentials(string, string) Method

The DeleteUserCredentials method of the Credentials class deletes credentials for an enterprise application definition for the specified user or group.


strApplicationName The name of the enterprise application definition. Minimum character length of the string equals 1 character; maximum character length of the string equals 128 characters.

strUserAccount The domain and user name (domain_name\user_name) or the domain and group account (domain_name\group_name). The string must be at least 1 character long.


Exception Type Condition
SingleSignonException Method fails or incorrect permissions.


Only users who are members of the single sign-on administrator account or the application manager account can delete credentials. The DeleteUserCredentials method is audited with a result of success or failure and the user that called the method in the single sign-on database. The ServiceAction enumeration recorded is DeleteCredentials.


The following code example shows DeleteCredentials method. To use this example, replace domain_name\\group_name with a valid domain and group on your network.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Security: Code Access Security