Send(Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.Alerts.NotificationSite, Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.PortalZone, System.Xml.XmlDocument, String) Method

Override the Send method of the DeliveryChannel class to send notifications to the notification queue for a portal site.


site Reference to a NotificationSite object that represents information about the portal site for which notifications are sent.

renderLinkZone A PortalZone value that specifies the access method used for the portal site.

notification Notification text in XML format.

parameters Parameters for the delivery channel. These parameters include addresses and other channel-specific information.


Exception Type Condition
ChannelOfflineException Thrown by the Send method when an error is encountered with the SMTP server.
CorruptedMessageException Thrown by the Send method when an error is encountered with a specific email message.


The Send method specifies how notifications are sent in your delivery channel implementation. This method is invoked by the Alert Notification Server, in the context of a portal site, to send notifications via a delivery channel. The notification is in the form of an XML document.

Your implementation of this method needs to distinguish between alert delivery failures, alert deactivation, and other delivery issues, by throwing appropriate exceptions.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Security: Code Access Security