SetProperty(String, String) Method

The SetProperty method of the QueryProvider class sets the specified query property with the specified value.


strPropertyName Name of a query property.

strPropertyValue Value for property.



The SetProperty method sets query properties used by the QueryProvider. Available properties include those that are crawled by full-text search.

author="jowest" time="20040921T184923-0800"{{The supported properties are:

Name Description
Maximum Rows The 'Maximum Rows' property specifies the maximum number of results for the QueryProvider to return. The value must be a positive number, and is bound by the size of the rowset. The default value is 50.
Always use content index The 'Always use content index' specifies whether the QueryProvider can execute complex queries that require enumeration of the property store. You can set the value to 1 (not allowed) or 0 (allowed). The default value is 1.
SQL Content Query Locale String The 'SQL Content Query Locale String' specifies the locale for the query. The default value is the system locale.



Platforms: Windows Server 2003

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