IssueQuery(String, Int32, Int32) Method

The IssueQuery method of the QueryResultBase class executes the specified query. Returns a unique identifier for the query in the case of an asychronous query. Returns a DataSet with the query results if the query is executed without errors; otherwise, it returns null.


strQuery Query string to execute.

startRowIndex Minimum row number to return. The default is 0.

endRowIndex Maximum row number to return.

Return Value

An object that represents the unique identifier for this query if you specify an asynchronous query. This object can be cast to a DataSet object that contains the result set. The object is null if the query encountered execution errors.


The IssueQuery method uses a QueryProvider object to execute the specified query. The query is executed by using the client locale of the Web browser, if available. If the client locale is not available, the query is executed by using the locale of the current portal site.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Security: Code Access Security