ISearchProtocol Interface

The ISearchProtocol interface provides methods for invoking, initializing, and managing the IUrlAccessor object. The Filter Daemon calls methods from this interface when processing URLs from the search component.

You must implement methods of the ISearchProtocol interface in C++.


IUnknown interface

Public Methods

The following table describes the methods of the ISearchProtocol interface.

Name Description
Init Initializes the protocol handler.
CloseAccessor Closes a previously created UrlAccessor, freeing it for reuse by the protocol handler.
CreateAccessor Creates a UrlAccessor.
ShutDown Shuts down the protocol handler.


When you re-use or pool URLAccessors, performance may improve. You can return the UrlAccessor to the pool of accessors in the CloseAccessor method call.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003