LoadIFilter Method

The LoadIFilter method of the ILoadFilter interface retrieves the best-suited IFilter for the specified data source.


pwcsPath [in] A pointer to a WCHAR that contains the path or Uniform Resource Indicator (URI) for the file to be filtered. Can be null if the user does not want IPersist*::Load to be called.

pFilteredSources [in] A pointer to a FILTERED_DATA_SOURCES structure from which to retrieve information.

pUnkOuter [in] A pointer to the outer IUnknown object for the calling object.

fUseDefault [in] A BOOL that specifies that the default filter should be used if a more suitable filter is not found.

pFilterClsid [out] A pointer to a CLSID that receives the class ID of the returned filter.

SearchDecSize [in, out] Not used. Value should be 0.

pwcsSearchDesc [out, size_is(*SearchDecSize)] Not used. Value should be 0.

ppIFilt [out] An address of a pointer to the IFilter interface of the filter the method chooses. The value is null if none is found.


For a list of errors returned by Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server Search IFilter administration objects, see IFilter Administration Error Messages.


The LoadIFilter method attempts to load an IFilter that can process the data source of the type specified in the pFilteredSources parameter. The filter is located at pwcsPath.

If no suitable IFilter is found for the data source, and fUseDefault is false, this method returns null in the ppIFilt parameter. If no suitable IFilter is found for the data source, and fUseDefault is true, the IFilter interface on the default IFilter is returned in the ppIFilt parameter.

The IFilter must be released after it is used.


Platform: Microsoft Windows Server 2003