DSPGatherDSPAndQuery(System.Xml.XmlDocument, System.Xml.XmlNamespaceManager, Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb, bool, Microsoft.SharePoint.Dsp.IDspAdapter, Microsoft.SharePoint.Dsp.QueryRequest, string) Method

The DSPGatherDSPAndQuery method of the DataViewWebPart class returns the IDSPAdapter and QueryRequest objects based on the input data query XML.


dataQueryXML The input XML data for the data query.

nsmgr An XmlNamespaceManager object that is used with the data query XML to resolve the query.

web An SPWeb object that represents the site.

justProcessQuery A Boolean value that controls whether this method processes the query for its validity but doesn't construct the IDSPAdapter and QueryRequest objects.

dsp The IDSPAdapter object that represents the specified data query.

QueryRequest The QueryRequest object that represents the specified data query.

assemblyName A string that represents the assembly name holding the IDSPAdapter object.


Typically, developers should use the GetXmlDataFromDataSource method of the Web Part Pages Service to retrieve XML from a data retrieval service rather than invoke this method directly.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Security: Code Access Security