RaisePostBackEvent(String) Method

The RaisePostBackEvent method of the DataViewWebPart class is called by ASP.NET when this Web Part does a postback to itself.


eventArg Event arguments.


The eventArg string is comprised of a series of commands that fall into three categories:

  • Commands which set the values of parameters, either XSL view parameters or datasource client parameter bindings.
  • Commands which specify that a part to part connected event has fired
  • Commands which specify dspq-filter or dspq-sort expressions.

All commands have the form: <command-name>={<value>}. For example, the command, followed by the equals sign, and then the value, delimited by curly braces. Each command is delimited by a semicolon.

Parameter values for the eventArg string take the following forms:

  • Parameter value settings, in the form param-name={value}. The values are stored in a dictionary keyed by the parameter name.
  • __connect settings, in the form __connect={<value>}
  • __dspq-sort settings, in the form __dspq-sort={fieldname,[a|d];…} For example, the fieldname followed by a comma and by either an "a" or a "d." A semicolon and more sort parameters are optional.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Security: Code Access Security