DocVersions Table

The DocVersions table stores a list of document versions for a document library. Document versions are only stored if the versions feature is enabled.

Warning Modifying the database schema or database structures is unsupported. Changes that you make to the database contents may be overwritten when you install updates or service packs for Windows SharePoint Services, or when you upgrade an installation to the next product version.


Column name Data type Description
SiteId uniqueidentifier ID of the site available, from the Sites table. Part of the primary key.
Id uniqueidentifier ID of the document, available from the Documents table. Part of the primary key.
Version int Version number of the document version. Part of the primary key.
TimeCreated datetime Date and time the version was created.
DocFlags tinyint Type of document: Dynamic pages (1); Images (8); Checkout (32); unghosted (64); Images (68); Thumbnails (70).
MetaInfoSize int Size of the metainfo parameter for the document.
Size int Size of the document.
VirusVendorId int ID of the antivirus software vendor whose software is used to scan the document available from the AntiVirusVendors table .
VirusStatus int Virus scan status.
VirusInfo nvarchar Virus scan information.
MetaInfo image Value of metainfo parameter for the document in binary format.
Content image Contents of the document in binary format.