Lists Table

The Lists table stores information about lists that are on the SharePoint site.

Warning Modifying the database schema or database structures is unsupported. Changes that you make to the database contents may be overwritten when you install updates or service packs for Windows SharePoint Services, or when you upgrade an installation to the next product version.


Column name Data type Description
tp_WebId uniqueidentifier GUID of the Web site to which the list belongs.
tp_ID uniqueidentifier GUID for the list.
tp_Title nvarchar Name of the list.
tp_Created datetime Date and time the list was created.
tp_Modified datetime Date and time the list was modified.
tp_LastDeleted datetime Time of the last delete inside the list. Used to optimize incremental search. Search needs to do a full enumeration of the list if something has been deleted.
tp_DeleteCount int Not used.
tp_LastSecurityChange datetime Date and time when security settings on the list were last changed.
tp_Version int Version number of the list, which is incremented each time the list is updated to prevent conflicts.
tp_Author int ID of the user who created the list.
tp_BaseType int Base type of the list. 0 for custom, 1 for document libraries, 3 for discussion boards, 4 for surveys.
tp_ServerTemplate int List template used to create the list. 101 is the value for the default document library template.
tp_RootFolder uniqueidentifier Directory in which the list is stored. The GUID is the ID of the directory in the Docs table.
tp_Template uniqueidentifier Location of the file used when the New Item link is clicked for the list. The GUID is the ID of the file in the Docs table.
tp_ImageUrl nvarchar Image associated with the list type. This image is displayed on the Documents and Lists page.
tp_ReadSecurity int Value that is used to restrict access to the list. Lists can be restricted so that users can read only the items they added to the list.
tp_WriteSecurity int Value that is used to restrict access to the list. Lists can be restricted so that users can only edit their own items in the list, not other people's items.
tp_AnonymousPermMask int Value that is used to restrict access to the list. Identifies the rights granted to anonymous users.
tp_Subscribed bit Value that indicates whether alerts are specified for a list. 1 if there are; 0 if there are none.
tp_Direction int Value indicating whether the list direction is left-to-right or right-to-left.
tp_Flags int Bitmask combination of list properties.
tp_ThumbnailSize int Option that specifies the size of thumbnail images.
tp_WebImageWidth int Option that specifies image width in the browser.
tp_WebImageHeight int Option that specifies image height in the browser.
tp_ItemCount int Number of items in the list.
tp_NextAvailableId int Next available ID for an item that is added to a list.
tp_Description ntext Description of the list.
tp_EmailInsertsFolder nvarchar Public folder that is examined for e-mail inserts into this document library.
tp_EmailInsertsLastSyncTime nvarchar Last time the list was synchronized with the public folder. Used to prevent reading the same e-mail messages repeatedly.
tp_ACL image Permissions for the list, in binary format.
tp_EventSinkAssembly nvarchar Managed code assembly used to handle document library events.
tp_EventSinkClass nvarchar Class name inside the managed code assembly that handles document library events .
tp_EventSinkData nvarchar Property bag for use by the event handler.
tp_Fields ntext Fields in the list. For most lists this data is "ghosted"; that is, the copy from the template is used. This column only contains field information if users add or remove fields from the list.