Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer Namespace

The Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer namespace provides the server-side implementation for XML Web services for working with Web Part Pages and Web Parts.


The following table shows the classes of the Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer namespace and a brief description of each.

Name Description
ExportWebPartClass A file handler used to export Web Parts from the Web Part catalog.
ExportWebPartFileClass A file handler used to export Web Part files from the Web Part catalog.
SoapServerException A wrapper class that converts a SharePoint or COM exception to a SOAP exception so that it can be deserialized on the Visual Studio .NET client.
SoapXmlElement An unencoded String class that is used to enable the SOAP layer to send and receive unencoded XML.
WebPartPageSoapServerException A server-side exception thrown from the SOAP XML message containing Web Part Page data.
WebPartPagesWebService Provider of the methods to send information to and retrieve information from XML Web services.