Microsoft.Exchange.Data.ContentTypes.Tnef namespace


  Class Description
Public class TnefException The TnefException class represents an exception thrown when noncompliant Tnef data is encountered.
Public class TnefReader The TnefReader class enables you to read properties from a TNEF stream in a forward-only manner.
Public class TnefWriter The TnefWriter class produces a TNEF stream by writing attributes and properties.


  Structure Description
Public structure TnefNameId The TnefNameId structure encapsulates the name or name ID of a named MAPI property.
Public structure TnefPropertyReader The TnefPropertyReader class is a nested reader that reads individual properties from a TNEF attribute or a recipient row.
Public structure TnefPropertyTag The TnefPropertyTag structure contains MAPI attribute property identifiers.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration TnefAttributeLevel The TnefAttributeLevel enumeration specifies the level of a Tnef Attribute.
Public enumeration TnefAttributeTag The TnefAttributeTag enumeration contains values that identify TNEF attributes.
Public enumeration TnefComplianceMode The TnefComplianceMode enumeration contains values that control whether a TnefReader object will throw exceptions when it encounters errors in incoming Tnef data.
Public enumeration TnefComplianceStatus The TnefComplianceStatus enumeration contains values that specify whether incoming Tnef data is compliant and, if not, what caused the noncompliance.
Public enumeration TnefNameIdKind The TnefNameIdKind enumeration contains values indicating how a name is stored in a TnefNameId structure.
Public enumeration TnefPropertyId The TnefPropertyId enumeration contains values that represent MAPI properties applied to a Tnef message.
Public enumeration TnefPropertyType The TnefPropertyType enumeration contains values that specify TNEF property types.
Public enumeration TnefWriterFlags The TnefWriterFlags contains an enumeration value specifying not to overwrite the TnefVersion and OemCodePage attributes in the TNEF stream that this TnefWriter object owns.