Manage content feeding and freshness (FAST Search Server for SharePoint)


Applies to: FAST Search Server 2010

There are two important aspects of search relevance that are related to the document feeding process:

  • Get the relevant data, and

  • Get it with the required freshness

You can configure relevance of items crawled by the FAST Search connector Content Search Service Application by configuring relevance settings on each content source.

Tuning the FAST Search connector Content Search Service Application

To define a content source and set crawl rules for the FAST Search connector Content SSA, from the SharePoint Server Central Admin home page, select Application Management > Manage Service Applications. In the list of Service Applications, click the name of your Content SSA. Then, from the Crawling menu, select Content sources > New Content Source. Or select Content sources from the Crawling menu and then select the content source that you want to change the relevance settings for if you have already configured a content source but want to improve relevance.

There are several possibilities for configuration:

  • Only include the start addresses that are relevant for search when you define the content source.

  • Differentiate priorities among your crawled sources, run as either normal or high priority. The most relevant content should receive a high priority.

  • Configure the crawl schedule for the content source to run in sync with the freshness requirements that you have defined.

  • Make sure that each crawl cycle is not too large to complete within the defined crawl cycles that are scheduled.

  • Use the Crawl Rules option from the Crawling menu to use regular expressions to include and exclude content from search.

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