How Microsoft IT deployed FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint (white paper)


Summary: Learn how MSIT planned and deployed enterprise search to improve index capacity, crawl speed, query response, relevance, and availability.

Applies to: Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007


To perform their day-to-day responsibilities, Microsoft employees frequently use enterprise search to find information on the corporate intranet. Microsoft IT used Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to provide enterprise search for employees until 2009, when the content index for the enterprise Search Center approached the software capacity of 50 million items and crawl and query performance decreased. To improve performance, MSIT configured the search system so that it no longer crawled certain content repositories, but then employees were no longer able to get complete search results from the enterprise Search Center.


Microsoft IT migrated to Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint to provide a more powerful enterprise search solution. This provided the following benefits:

  • Centralized search management

  • Content index completeness

  • Huge content index capacity

  • Faster crawls for fresher search results

  • Faster query responses

  • More customizable search experiences

  • More relevant search results

  • High availability

  • Increased user satisfaction

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