Applies to: Office 2007 | Outlook 2010 | SharePoint Server 2010

Gets a string that represents a collection of activities for the person.

HRESULT _stdcall GetActivities([in] DATE startTime, [out, retval] BSTR* activities);


  • startTime
    [in] The time after which activities that are created will be returned.

  • activities
    [out] An XML string that represents the set of activities that this person on the social network created since startTime.


The returned activities XML string must comply with the schema definition for activityFeed, as defined in the schema for OSC provider extensibility.

The startTime parameter is a Date value in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Local time values must be converted to UTC Date values.

Activities that the GetActivities method returns have a creation time value that is greater than startTime and less than or equal to Now. If no changes have occurred between startTime and Now, the provider must return the OSC_E_NO_CHANGES error. For information about error codes, see Outlook Social Connector Provider Error Codes.

The OSC calls ISocialPersonGetActivities if the OSC provider supports cached or hybrid synchronization of activities of friends on the social network. When the OSC initially gets friends’ activities for the logged-on user, it calls ISocialProfile::GetActivitiesOfFriendsAndColleagues, and caches friends’ activities as RSS items in a hidden News Feed folder in the logged-on user’s default Outlook store. Subsequently the OSC does not call GetActivitiesOfFriendsAndColleagues or ISocialPerson::GetActivities unless the refresh interval for the cache has expired. For more information about how the OSC takes advantage of caching friends’ activities in a hidden folder, see Synchronizing Friends and Activities.

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