Applies to: Office 2007 | Outlook 2010 | SharePoint Server 2010

Adds the person identified by the emailAddress parameter as a friend for the logged-on user on the social network.

HRESULT _stdcall FollowPerson([in] BSTR emailAddress);


  • emailAddress
    [in] A string that contains an email address of a person.


The emailAddress parameter must be a valid SMTP address. If the provider has set the followPerson method as true in capabilities, and the argument for emailAddress does not match a user on the network, the provider must return the OSC_E_NOT_FOUND error. If the provider has set followPerson as false in capabilities, the provider should return the OSC_E_FAIL error.

If the provider implements the ISocialSession2 interface and has set followPerson as true in capabilities, the OSC will call ISocialSession2::FollowPersonEx instead of ISocialSession::FollowPerson. If the provider does not implement the ISocialSession2 interface, or ISocialSession2::FollowPersonEx returns the OSC_E_NOTIMPL error, the OSC will call ISocialSession::FollowPerson as long as the provider has set followPerson as true in capabilities. For information about error codes, see Outlook Social Connector Provider Error Codes.

In deciding whether to implement ISocalSession::FollowPerson or ISocialSession2::FollowPersonEx, you should consider whether your provider needs the other methods in ISocialSession2, and whether you can use the djsplayName parameter in FollowPersonEx.

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