Install Groove Server 2010 Relay


Applies to: Groove Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2011-09-19

This article describes how to install Groove Server 2010 Relay. The installation process sets up Groove Server Relay as a Windows service.

In this article:

  • Before you begin

  • Install Groove Server 2010 Relay

Before you begin

Before you start this procedure, address the following prerequisites:

  • Ensure that the system meets the requirements listed in System requirements for Office 2010.

  • Prepare the operating system as described in Configure the platform for Groove Server Relay.

  • Prepare the network for Groove Server Relay, as described in Prepare the network for Groove Server Relay.

  • Pre-qualify your server hardware for Relay server installation and operation by running the DBWritetest.exe utility located on the Groove Server Relay installation CD. Ensure that the resulting throughput assessment is above 1,800 kilobytes per second on the dedicated data volume. Run this test three times to confirm the result. Each test can take up to 10 minutes to complete. For more information about DBWritetest, see ‘Testing relay hardware throughput with DBWritetest for Groove Server Relay 2010’ in Operations for Groove Server 2010.

Install Groove Server 2010 Relay

The following procedure provides guidance for installing Groove Server 2010 Relay.

To install Groove Server Relay

  1. Address the requirements in Before you begin.

  2. Insert the Microsoft Groove Server 2010 software media into the drive of the intended Relay server or access the Groove Server 2010 installation files from a network location.


    The Microsoft SharePoint Workspace client must not be installed on the Relay server.

  3. Click the setup file to start the installation and select the option to install Groove Server 2010 Relay.

  4. Follow the Install wizard instructions, entering the product ID key code when you are prompted.


    Groove Server 2010 Relay is installed with Windows Firewall enabled. Related rules are set by default for necessary functioning of Groove Server 2010 Relay.

  5. Click Continue, and then read and accept the Microsoft Software License agreement.

  6. Click Continue, and then select Basic to install to the default directory: c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\14.0\Groove\Groove Relay. Or, select Advanced to change the default installation directory, and then click Install Now.

  7. When the software installation is complete, click Close. The installer now starts the Groove Relay Control Panel item.

Now that you have installed the Groove Server 2010 Relay software, configure it using the post-installation wizard or the Groove Relay control panel item, as described in Configure Groove Server 2010 Relay. You will also need to register each Relay installation with Groove Server Manager, described in Registering Relay servers with Groove Server Manager.