Plan a migration and upgrade strategy for Office 2010


Applies to: Office 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2011-07-01

You can learn about how to plan an upgrade to Microsoft Office 2010, registry key and user settings migration, USMT, and selecting a deployment option by reading the following articles.

In this documentation:

Article Description

Plan an upgrade to Office 2010

Describes the upgrade process for Microsoft Office 2010, including the various upgrade options and data migration paths.

User registry settings to migrate to Office 2010

Lists the registry keys that are migrated when you use either the in-place upgrade or the uninstall-upgrade of Office 2010.

Choose an option for deploying Office 2010

Provides areas of functionality you can use to deploy Office 2010, including network share, Group Policy startup scripts, managed deployment, application virtualization, and presentation virtualization.

Use the User State Migration Tool 4.0 to migrate to Office 2010

Provides information about using USMT 4.0 to migrate existing Office user settings to Office 2010, and explains that the update to USMT 4.0 must be installed.