Deploy all model sites in the destination system

After you have finished all data migration, deploy all the model sites in the destination system’s application. Use Planning Business Modeler to deploy all root model sites and all submodel sites.

Migration import reads the default OLAP server from PerformancePoint Planning configuration. For a single server installation, this is set to localhost. For a non-single server, it is not set to any value.

Migration import will use the default OLAP server because it will not preserve server names from the source system. Prior to deploying the newly migrated model sites, ensure that they are pointing to the desired OLAP servers. Once it is set, subsequent incremental migrations will leave the OLAP server settings of the target system.

Deploy all model sites

  1. Log on as a member of the global administrator role.

  2. Use BizModeler to connect to Planning Server.

  3. Select the newly imported application, and connect to the root model site.

  4. Deploy the root model site.

  5. Connect to each submodel site, and deploy each submodel site.

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