Exporting from a source system

Updated: 2009-04-30

Planning Server supports migration of application structure and data from one environment to a second environment. The source system is the computer, or set of computers, where the PerformancePoint Planning applications and data originate.

The following will be migrated during application migration:

  • Security roles

  • Structural metadata: all model site, model, dimension, and member set definitions

  • Data Sources and Data Destinations

  • Calculation rules and any associated job templates

  • Form templates

  • Calendar

The following will be migrated during data migration:

  • Dimension and hierarchy data

  • Fact data and annotations

  • Associations

Note: Data destination definitions are migrated but the related databases are not migrated. You must verify and recreate the data destination after the migration process is complete.

The following will not be migrated during application migration:

  • Reports

  • Workflow: assignments, job, cycle definition and instances

  • Users and their security role assignments


    All objects that are not migrated must be re-created manually or imported by using CSV files. See Load import workflow, security, and report data for more information.

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