Step 4: Perform the database upgrades for PerformancePoint Server 2007 SP3

Updated: 2009-10-15

This article covers the process and information necessary to perform the Microsoft Office PerformancePoint ServerĀ 2007 with Service Pack 3 (SP3) update for the PerformancePoint Planning system databases. The procedure below details only how to perform a PerformancePoint Server 2007 SP3 update for a system that is installed with configured services. In a distributed deployment, each computer that hosts a PerformancePoint Planning service must be updated to SP3. This is described in more detail below in the Important Note.

Use the following process to update your PerformancePoint Planning system databases.


All applications will be set to Offline by the procedure you perform in this article.

Viewable state Description

1: Services are configured

Exists when PerformancePoint Planning Server has been installed and its services configured using the Planning Configuration Manager. After Planning Server with its services configured has been updated to SP3, the Configuration Manager displays a new option on the Add/Remove Services page and an additional Upgrade Databases page. It is mandatory to update your databases after SP3 has updated the Planning Server binary files.

2: Services are not configured

Exists when Planning Server is installed but the Configuration Manager has not been run to configure the databases or any services. In this state, the Configuration Manager performs and looks exactly as it does in version 2007. The update to all databases and services occurs during the initial configuration, and no changes are made to the Configuration Manger interface.


In a multi-server configuration, run the PerformancePoint Planning Server Configuration Manager to upgrade the PPSPlanningSystem database, PPSPlanningService database, and any application databases on the computer where PerformancePoint Planning Web Service is installed. The Planning Configuration Manager needs to be run from the computer on which the Planning Web Service is installed. You cannot upgrade the application databases if you run the Planning Configuration Manager from a computer that does not have Planning Web Service. The Upgrade Application Databases option will be disabled if Planning Web Service is not installed on this computer.

Perform the Planning system update

  1. Run Planning Server Configuration Manager and proceed through the Welcome page and the Prerequisites page. All checks should pass without error. If any prerequisite checks fail, then stop the update and resolve the failures before proceeding. If no prerequisite failures occur, proceed to the Add/Remove Services page.

  2. On the Add/Remove Services page, select Upgrade Databases, and then click Next.

    The following objects are updated:

    • The DBSchemaVersion table in the PPSPlanningService, PPSPlanningSystem, and all existing Application databases

    • Representation of internal structures

    • Representation of internal metadata

    • Representation of system data

    • Representation of process metadata and data

  3. On the Upgrade Databases page, Upgrade System Databases is selected by default. Select or type the name of the computer running Microsoft SQL Server that hosts the PPSPlanningSystem and PPSPlanningService databases.

  4. Select Upgrade Application Databases, confirm or type a path for the Application Databases Upgrade log file, and then click Next.

  5. At this point validation occurs, and it should be successful. Click Next to proceed to the Confirmation page.

  6. When the SP3 validation finishes, the status of the update and the location of the Application Databases Upgrade log file is shown on the Confirmation page. Click Configure to begin the SP3 update process.

  7. When the SP3 update process finishes, the Summary page displays the results of the update. Click Close to exit the Configuration Manager.


If you perform multiple system updates, be aware that this process only tracks the last update operation.

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