Video demo: Configuring Kerberos delegation for Monitoring Server

Updated: 2009-10-29

This video demonstration walks through the steps necessary to configure Kerberos delegation for PerformancePoint Monitoring Server. This includes:

  • Configuring SharePoint Products and Technologies for Kerberos delegation

  • Setting the NT Authentication Provider property value

  • Updating the Web.config files for the associated Web sites

  • Configuring the application pool accounts to be trusted for delegation

  • Setting Service Principal Names

  • Enabling Integrated Windows authentication in Windows Explorer on client computers

Screenshot of video

Watch the video ( To download a copy of the file, right-click the link, and then click Save Target As.


We recommend configuring constrained delegation for best security. While the video demonstration does not cover the steps to configure constrained delegation, the required procedures are covered in Configure Monitoring Server for Kerberos delegation.