Project Workspace Site Relinker tool

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Topic Last Modified: 2016-11-14

The Project Workspace Site Relinker tool is a utility in the Project Server 2007 Project Resource Kit (PRK). The tool enables Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 administrators to relink project workspace sites that have become disconnected from Project Server 2007. These sites can become disconnected when a Project Server database is restored or when content databases containing project workspaces are restored.

This occurs because the project workspace URL is constructed from the workspace Web application GUID. If Project Server is restored to another farm, those GUIDS no longer match to valid sites. The Project Workspace Site Relinker tool adds the correct GUIDS back into the Project Server instance.

Click to download (\&displaylang=e) the Project Server 2007 PRK from the Microsoft Download Center.


The Project Workspace Site Relinker tool has the following usage requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2003.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.x or 3.x.

Download the Project 2007 PRK and extract the files. The file named RelinkAllWSSSites.exe is the executable file for the Project Workspace Site Relinker tool.

Run the tool at a command prompt with the following syntax:

RelinkAllWSSSites WSSServerURL ProjectServerURL [Silent] [QuitOnError]

Option Description


Calls the executable file.


The Windows SharePoint Services Web application that contains project workspaces.

This is a required parameter and must be entered in the form of http://<server>:<port>.

Example: http://myWSSserver:80


The Project Web Access URL that contains the reference to the project workspaces to which you are relinking.

This is a required parameter and must be entered in the form of http://<server>/pwa.

Example: http://myProjectserver/pwa


(Optional.) Progress information for each project is not displayed.


(Optional.) The application stops if an error is encountered.

For example:

RelinkAllWSSSites http://myWSSserver:80 http://myProjectserver/pwa Silent

You may be required run the Project Workspace Site Relinker tool multiple times to relink all the sites referenced within your Project Server instance. For example, you may have two Windows SharePoint Services Web applications (http://myWSSServer:80 and http://myWSSServer2:80) that contain project workspaces. In such a case you would run the tool twice — once for each Web application.

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