Customize workflow settings for proposals

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Topic Last Modified: 2016-11-14

The proposal feature uses a workflow component to automate the proposal process as it proceeds from an initial proposed state to a final state of either acceptance or rejection. How the proposal workflow operates is controlled by the configuration of the workflow. For example, the workflow configuration determines how tasks are routed to participants in the proposal process — either serially or in parallel. Changes to the default settings of the workflow can be made on the Customize Workflow: Project Proposal Workflow page.

The Office SharePoint Server 2007 Approval workflow is the default workflow used for the proposal feature. For more information about the Approval workflow, see Use an Approval workflow (\&clcid=0x40) on Microsoft Office Online.

Before you perform this procedure, confirm that:

To customize workflow settings for proposals

Perform the following procedure to customize the workflow settings for proposals in Office Project Server 2007.

Customize the settings for a workflow

  1. On the Project Web Access home page, in Quick Launch, click Shared Documents.

  2. On the Shared Documents page, click View All Site Content.

  3. On the All Site Content page, in the Lists section, click Proposal proxy list.

  4. On the Proposal proxy list page, on the Settings menu, click List Settings.

  5. On the Customize Proposal proxy list page, in the Permissions and Management section, click Workflow settings.

  6. On Change Workflow Settings: Proposal proxy list page, click Project Proposal Workflow. On the Change a Workflow: Proposal Proxy list page, click Next to go to the Customize Workflow: Project Proposal Workflow page.

    On the Customize Workflow: Project Proposal Workflow page, adjust the following settings, as needed:

    • Workflow Tasks   You can specify how proposal review tasks are sent to reviewers: serially (the default setting) or in parallel. You can also disallow options for reviewers to reassign the task to another person, or to request a change before completing the review. (The default setting for both is allow.)

    • Default Workflow Start Values   You can specify the amount of time a proposal reviewer has to complete the task. If reviews are done serially, you can select a specified number of days or weeks. If reviews are done in parallel, you can specify an required completion date.

  7. After you have completed your changes, click Save.

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