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Topic Last Modified: 2013-06-06

Some of the content in the Microsoft Project Server 2010 technical library is available in downloadable and printable file formats (.doc, .pdf, or .xps). To download this content, see Guide for IT Pros for Microsoft Project Server 2010 ( The most current content is in this technical library on the Web.

The content in this technical library is augmented by content available for download. You can download a copy of the entire Microsoft Project Server 2010 TechNet library as a compiled help (.chm) file, or review the following table for a list of downloadable books, posters, and white papers.

If you are interested in using any of the available .doc or .pdf files on an e-reader, visit this To The SharePoint blog post to let us know, and to get some information about using currently available files on e-readers.


Type Title Description Updated date URL Size (MB)
Downloadable Book

Microsoft Project 2010 Ignite training slide presentation

This set of Microsoft PowerPoint slide presentations is used in conjunction with Microsoft Project 2010 "Ignite" training.



Downloadable Book

Time and task progress workflow diagrams

These diagrams illustrate the workflow for entering, submitting, and approving time and task progress. These operations can be done by using a single view or separate views, through a delegate, after a time reporting period has closed, or after a task has been locked from updating.




This is a downloadable compiled Help format (CHM) version of the Project Server 2010 technical library content on TechNet.



Downloadable book: Guide for IT Pros for Microsoft Project Server 2010

This is a downloadable and printable version (available in .doc, .pdf, and .xps file formats) of the Project Server 2010 technical library content on TechNet.



Project Server 2010 Administrator's Guide

This guide (available in .doc, .pdf, and .xps file formats) helps your organization understand the tasks that are involved with administering Project Server 2010. It includes many step-by-step procedures and accompanying user-interface screen shots of Project Web App. The format of this guide resembles the Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 role guides.


Project Server 2010 Administrator's Guide

6 MB

Technical diagrams

Two diagrams related to upgrade and migration are available


Technical diagrams (Project Server 2010)

4 MB