Run Migration Script 8 to list projects with unlinked workspaces


Applies to: Project Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2010-10-05

Run Script 8 to list Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 projects that have to be relinked to their project workspaces. This script compares the result from Script 4 (pre-migration Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 projects with associated workspaces) and Script 6 (post-migration Office Project Server 2007 projects with associated workspaces). The data for both are stored in the dbo.Migration_PS2003_ProjectWorkspaces and dbo.Migration_PS2007_ProjectWorkspaces tables in the ProjectServer_Migration_Data_Validation database.


This script is one of several post-migration scripts included in the Project Server virtual migration environment (VME). Running the scripts is optional, but highly recommended for helping to detect issues that may prevent a successful migration of your data. For more information about the post-migration scripts that are available, see Project Server VME: Run post-migration scripts (optional).

To run Script 8

  1. On the VME desktop, click Start Migration Process. This opens a Windows Explorer window that displays the contents of drive E.

  2. In Windows Explorer, double-click the following folder:

    • If you have one Project 2003 database, open the Migrate_Proj_2003_Single_DB folder.

    • If you have split Project Server 2003 databases, open Migrate_Proj_2003_Split_DB.

  3. Open the Verification Scripts folder, and then click VME Script 8.sql. This opens SQL Server Management Studio and displays Script 8.

  4. Click Execute to run the script.

  5. The results shown are the projects that have to be relinked to their project workspaces.

Script 8

Script 8 contains the following code:

-- Script A8: Compares workspaces associated with projects pre-migration (2003) and Post-Migration (2007) ----
-- This script shows the workspaces that have not been re-linked and/or converted in the 2007 environment after migration   
-- ******************************************************************************************************** --
USE ProjectServer_Migration_Data_Validation
-- List of projects with workspaces missing in 2007
-- These workspaces should be re-linked manually after migration
select distinct [PROJ_NAME] AS 'List of Projects with Missing Workspaces in the Project Server 2007 Published database. Re-Link them manually' 
from  dbo.Migration_PS2003_ProjectWorkspaces
where replace([PROJ_NAME], '_Published', '') not in 
(select [PROJ_NAME] from dbo.Migration_PS2007_ProjectWorkspaces)