Add a trusted data connection library

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About trusted data connection libraries

In Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, a trusted data connection library is a data connection library from which you have determined that it is safe to access Office data connection (.odc) files. The .odc files are used to centrally manage connections to external data sources.

Instead of allowing embedded connections to external data sources, Excel Calculation Services can be configured to require the use of .odc files for all data connections. The .odc files are stored in data connection libraries, and the data connection libraries have to be explicitly trusted before Excel Calculation Services will allow workbooks to access them.

If a data connection is linked from a workbook that is accessed by a server running Excel Calculation Services, the server checks the connection information and the list of trusted data connection libraries. If the data connection library is on the list, a connection is attempted by using the .odc file from the data connection library; otherwise, the connection request is ignored.

Before you can configure a data connection library as a trusted data connection for Excel Services in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, you must create a data connection library on a SharePoint site. To create a data connection library, click the Site Actions menu, select Create, and then click Data Connection Library. On the New page, type a name for the new data connection library and click Create.

Add a trusted data connection library

Use the following procedure to add a trusted data connection library.

Add a trusted data connection library

  1. From Administrative Tools, open the SharePoint Central Administration Web application.

  2. On the Central Administration home page, click Application Management.

  3. On the Application Management page, in the Office SharePoint Server 2007 Shared Services section, click Create or Configure this Farm’s Shared Services.

  4. On the Manage this Farm’s Shared Services page, click SharedServices1 (Default). This is the Shared Services Provider (SSP) that you will configure.

  5. On the Shared Services home page, in the Excel Services Settings section, click Trusted data connection libraries.

  6. On the Excel Services Trusted Data Connection Libraries page, click Add Trusted Data Connection Library.

  7. Type the address of the data connection library that you want to configure as a trusted data connection library and click OK.

For information about how to perform this procedure by using the Stsadm command-line tool, see Add-ecstrusteddataconnectionlibrary: Stsadm operation (Office SharePoint Server).

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