Using AAM URL redirection as part of the upgrade process (SharePoint Foundation 2010) (white paper)


Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

This white paper describes the planning activities that you need to successfully deploy and use the alternate access mapping (AAM) URL redirection feature in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 to help mitigate downtime during a server computer or server farm upgrade. It also describes the procedures necessary to successfully complete the configuration of this feature by modifying existing Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 server computers.


The process described in this white paper is an advanced technique for avoiding downtime during upgrade. It should only be used if other techniques, such as read-only databases and upgrade in-place with detached databases, would cause an unacceptably long period of downtime for your users. Do not consider using this technique unless you know your upgrade process will take more than a long weekend. If your upgrade is not likely to take that long, you won't save any time by performing the procedures in this paper. For more information about other approaches to upgrade, see Determine upgrade approach (SharePoint Foundation 2010).

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