Published intranets in SharePoint Server 2010


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010

Summary: Learn about the tasks you should perform to plan, develop, deploy, operate, and use a published intranet site based on SharePoint Server 2010.

A published intranet site is a site that is internal to an organization and uses the publishing features in UNRESOLVED_TOKEN_VAL(1st_OSS_14) to host content for the whole organization. This is usually the main communications site or portal for the organization. Typically, such a site is not available to external users. The site is usually branded and is not a collaboration mechanism, but instead it's a place to provide information that should be widely shared with the whole organization.

To get started:

  • Review Key Features and Assumptions

  • Download and review the Task Map

  • Download and review the Tasks that you need to perform throughout the life cycle of a published intranet site

Key Features and Assumptions

For this solution, the following features are used extensively:

  • Publishing

  • Content approval workflow

  • Branding

  • Custom Web Parts

  • Audiences

  • RSS feeds

For this solution, we made the following assumptions:

  • Content is managed and must be approved An editorial team sets the structure, standards, and schedule for content and approves content before it is published.

  • Content deployment is not required This solution has a combined authoring and publishing environment and does not have to have content deployment.

  • Collaboration sites are not included Collaboration sites have a different content structure and permission model. Search is used to index and expose content from related collaboration sites.

Task Map

This task map provides an overview of the tasks that you must perform to set up a published intranet site in your organization.

The map is a visual representation of the tasks for each phase of the deployment life cycle. For detailed information, see the Tasks section.

A small preview version of the task map for the Published Intranet solution.

The tasks for the Published Intranet scenario

Download the Published Intranet task map

Zoom into the Published Intranet task map


Follow the tasks in the order in which they are presented to create and operate a published intranet site for your organization. View the tasks by downloading one of the following:

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