Administration service is not running (SharePoint 2010 Products)


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2010

Alert Name:   Administration service is not running

Event ID:   No event ID

Summary:   The Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Administration service is required to run on all servers in a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 farm. This service performs multiple operations on the local server computers that require local administrator permissions for operations; for example, creating and deleting Web applications and service applications, and starting and stopping services. If this service is not running on any server in a SharePoint Foundation 2010 farm, administrative operations can fail or partially succeed.

Cause: One or more of the following might be the cause:

  • The SharePoint Foundation Administration service was stopped by an administrator on a particular computer.

  • The user name or password for the account that the SharePoint Foundation Administration service is set to run as is incorrect.

  • An error condition in the SharePoint Foundation Administration service caused the service to terminate.

Resolution:   Start the administration service

  • Start the SharePoint Foundation Administration service by using the Services Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in in Windows. Click Start, click Run and type the following:


Resolution:   Check the service account

  • If the service fails to start, ensure that the user name and account have membership in the Administrators group on the local computer.

Resolution:   Repair the configuration

  • If the service could not be started, try to repair the SharePoint Foundation configuration on that server by running the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard.