The PerformancePoint site template does not display after it has been customized


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise

This article contains tips for solving common problems that you might encounter when you attempt to customize the PerformancePoint site template master page. The PerformancePoint site template is the page that appears when users click Start using PerformancePoint Services in the Business Intelligence Center.

Issue:   In the PerformancePoint site template, users cannot view the page. Instead, users receive an error message that states, “An error occurred during the processing of /BICenter/Pages/ppssample.aspx. Code blocks are not allowed in this file.”


The exact path provided in the error message is determined by the name of your organization’s Business Intelligence Center and can vary from our example.

Summary:   When site administrators modify the PerformancePoint site template, it affects the underlying master page in SharePoint Server 2010 and enables server-side scripting.

Resolution:   We recommend that you remove the server-side script from the PerformancePoint site template after you change it.

To remove server-side scripting from the PerformancePoint site template

  1. Modify the PerformancePoint site template to suit your organization’s needs, and then save and close the page.

  2. Using a site editing tool such as SharePoint Designer, open the PerformancePoint site template for editing.


    You can use SharePoint Designer to edit the PerformancePoint site template as described in this article, but you must not use it to edit dashboards that contain PerformancePoint Web Parts. Otherwise, the underlying data connections to those dashboards could become disabled.

  3. Select a view that enables you to view the code for the PerformancePoint site template, and then locate the following code examples:

    var siteCollection = "<%=SPHttpUtility.UrlPathEncode(siteCol.Value,false,true)%>";
    var siteLocation = "<%=SPHttpUtility.UrlPathEncode(site.Value,false,true)%>";
  4. Edit the code that you located in Step 3 to read as follows:

    var siteCollection = "/";
    var siteLocation = "/BICenter/";
  5. Save your changes, and verify that the PerformancePoint site template page is checked in.

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