FieldLinkCollection.Add method

Adds a content type field reference to the collection.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Client (in Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll)


Public Function Add ( _
    parameters As FieldLinkCreationInformation _
) As FieldLink
Dim instance As FieldLinkCollection
Dim parameters As FieldLinkCreationInformation
Dim returnValue As FieldLink

returnValue = instance.Add(parameters)
public FieldLink Add(
    FieldLinkCreationInformation parameters


Return value

Type: Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.FieldLink
A FieldLink object that represents the field reference.


Exception Condition

The referred to field cannot be found, a duplicate field name was found, the field does not have a display name, or this field collection is not associated with a list. Error code: -2146232832.

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