SPDeletedSite members

Represents a deleted site.

The SPDeletedSite type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property DatabaseId Gets the GUID of the content database that contains the deleted site.
Public property DeletionTime Gets the date and time that the site was deleted.
Public property Path Gets the server-relative path of the deleted site.
Public property Scheme
Public property SiteId Gets the GUID of the deleted site.
Public property SiteSubscriptionId Gets the subscription identifier (ID) of the deleted site.
Public property Url Full URI of the deleted site. (Begins with http:// or https://)
Public property WebApplicationId Gets the GUID of the web application to which the deleted site belongs.



  Name Description
Public method Delete Removes the deleted site permanently from the database.
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Public method Move Move the deleted site from its current content DB to the one specified by the parameter.
Public method Restore Restores the deleted site.
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