Removing a Branch Site


Topic Last Modified: 2011-04-11

If you have branch sites, you must remove branch sites associated with each central site before you remove the central sites from your deployment. For example, if you have two central sites (that is, CentralSite01 and CentralSite02) with the following branch site configuration:

  • CentralSite01

    • BranchSite01-1

    • BranchSite01-2

  • CentralSite02

    • BranchSite02-1

To remove CentralSite01, you delete CentralSite01, which prompts you to remove the associated branch sites. If you confirm that you want to remove the branch sites in addition to CentralSite01, you need to wait for replication to complete at the branch site servers and devices. Then, you reclaim the branch site servers and devices by performing the procedures for removing a Survivable Branch Appliance or a Survivable Branch Server, based on what is deployed in the branch sites.

At a branch site, you remove one of the following, depending on which one you deployed at the site:

  • Survivable Branch Appliance

  • Survivable Branch Server

For both Survivable Branch Appliance and Survivable Branch Server, the Mediation Server is collocated and has one or more PSTN gateways associated with it. You delete the branch site, which removes the PSTN gateway, collocated Mediation Server, and Survivable Branch Appliance or Survivable Branch Server.

The process for uninstalling a Survivable Branch Appliance is slightly different from the process for uninstalling a Survivable Branch Server because the deployment process for a Survivable Branch Appliance includes the following steps that are not required to deploy a Survivable Branch Server:

  • At the central site:

    • Adding a Computer object to Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) for the Survivable Branch Appliance

    • Creating a domain user account for a Survivable Branch Appliance technician

    • Adding the appropriate user accounts to the RTCUniversalSBATechnicians group

  • At the branch site, after the Survivable Branch Appliance computer object and servicePincipalName is added to Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), a member of the RTCUniversalSBATechnicians group adds the Survivable Branch Appliance to the domain.