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Topic Last Modified: 2011-08-05

This procedure does not require membership in a local administrator or privileged domain group. You should log on to a computer as a standard user.

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 uses simple URLs to direct internal and external calls to services on the Front End Server or on the Director, if one has been deployed. The three simple URLs that can be created are:

  • Meet – Connects users to the conferencing services

  • Dialin – Provides access for users to use dial-in conferencing

  • Admin – Optional URL that connects a user, typically an administrator for the Lync Server 2010 system, to Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Control Panel.

There are options to the format that you can define simple URLs. For details about these options, see DNS Requirements for Simple URLs in the Planning documentation. A brief summary of the three simple URL formats discussed are shown for reference here:

Simple URL Examples





















By default, simple URLs will be configured in the form of (for example, the dial-in simple URL): https://dialin.<SIP Domain>


Simple URLs can contain only English alphanumeric characters (including A–Z, a–z, 0–9, and hyphens (-)). Do not use Unicode characters or underscores. Nonstandard characters in an FQDN are often not supported by external DNS and public certification authorities (CAs).

To configure simple URLs

  1. In Topology Builder, right-click the Lync Server 2010 node, and then click Edit Properties.

    Topology Builder Edit Properties dialog box

  2. In the Simple URLs pane, select either Phone access URLs: (Dial-in) or Meeting URLs: (Meet) to edit. And then click Edit URL.

    Topology Builder Simple URLs page

  3. Update the URL to the value you want, and then click OK to save the edited URL. The example shown here has modified the Dial-in URL to https://pool01.contoso.net/dialin.

    Topology Builder Edit Simple URL dialog box

  4. Edit the Meet URL by using the same steps, if necessary.

To define the optional Admin simple URL

  1. In Topology Builder, right-click the Lync Server 2010 node, and then click Edit Properties.

    Topology Builder Edit Properties dialog box

  2. In the Administrative access URL box, enter the simple URL you want for administrative access to Lync Server 2010 Control Panel, and then click OK.


    We recommend using the simplest possible URL for the Admin URL. The simplest option is https://admin.

    Administrative access URL dialog box


    If you change a simple URL after initial deployment, you must be aware of what changes impact your Domain Name System (DNS) records and certificates for simple URLs. If the change impacts the base of a simple URL, then you must change the DNS records and certificates as well. For example, changing from https://lync.contoso.com/Meet to https://meet.contoso.com changes the base URL from lync.contoso.com to meet.contoso.com, so you would need to change the DNS records and certificates to refer to meet.contoso.com. If you changed the simple URL from https://lync.contoso.com/Meet to https://lync.contoso.com/Meetings, the base URL of lync.contoso.com stays the same, so no DNS or certificate changes are needed. Whenever you change a simple URL name, however, you must run the Enable-CsComputer on each Director and Front End Server to register the change.

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