Desk Phone Comparison Table


Topic Last Modified: 2012-08-28

This topic compares the new IP desk phones, the older IP desk phone, and the USB desk phone.

For a comparison of common area phones and conferencing devices, see Common Area Phone and Conferencing Device Comparison Table.

Feature Aastra 6725ip,* HP 4120,* and Polycom CX600* Polycom CX700 Polycom CX300

Connection type




Display size

3.5-inch QVGA

5.75-inch color QVGA

Two-line monochrome

Screen resolution

320x240 24-bit pixels

320x240 18-bit pixels

256x48 pixels

Touch screen




Fingerprint reader





Two-way up-down navigation, with Select, Home, and Previous buttons

Three soft keys under LCD

Scroll wheel up-down navigation

Menu bar (touch)

Scroll bar (touch)

Not available


Available from a menu option

Available from a Help button

Not available

Text input

Numbers only, on a 3x4 numeric keypad

Dial pad for search (T9)

Full on-screen keyboard

Dial pad for search (T9)

Numbers only, on a 4x3 numeric keypad

Audio processing

Digital signal processing (DSP) on chip

No DSP on chip

Not available

Internet connection

1000/100/10 Mbps

10/100 Mbps

Not available

Authentication method

PIN on device

NTLM or Kerberos, when the device is connected to a computer

NTLM or Kerberos

Not available

In-call indication

LED indicator, on-screen display

On-screen display

On-screen display

*Introduced with Microsoft Lync Server 2010


All of the phones provide on-device Help.

When choosing between the Aastra 6725ip desk phone, HP 4120 IP Phone (desk phone), and Polycom CX600 IP desk phone you might want to compare the audio performance and the terms of the warranty, levels of support, and prices that the different manufacturers provide. Contact the manufacturers to obtain these details and for purchasing information. For contact information, see the Aastra website at, the HP website at, and the Polycom website at