Enable or Disable External User Access for Your Organization


Topic Last Modified: 2011-01-26

After deploying one or more Edge Servers, you must enable the specific types of external user access to be supported for your organization. This includes the following types of external user access:

  • Remote user access   Enable this if you want users in your organization who are outside your firewall, such as telecommuters and users who are traveling, to be able to connect to Lync Server 2010.

  • Federation   Enable this if you want to support access by users of federated partner domains, users of public IM service providers, or both.

  • Anonymous user access   Enable this if you want internal users to be able to invite anonymous users to their conferences.


In addition to enabling external user access support, you must also configure policies to control the use of external user access in your organization before any type of external user access is available to users. For details about creating, configuring, and applying policies for external user access, see Manage Communications with External Users in the Deployment documentation or Operations documentation.