Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2



The [PnPDrivers] section lists all the updated drivers to copy onto the destination computer.

Each line in the section specifies the location of one or more drivers to copy to the destination computer. This location can be:

  • Local drive.

  • UNC path.

  • Folder containing subfolders, where each subfolder contains the files for an individual driver.

Use the [PnPDrivers] section to update the drivers on a previously created image of the operating system instead of using the OemPnPDriversPath entry in the [Unattended] section of Sysprep.inf.

target_path = subfolder_name
Value Description


Fully qualified path to the updated driver files.


The name of a subfolder in systemroot\Drivers where you want to copy the updated driver files.

a:\video\video2000 = Video2000
\\server\share\video\ati\allinone = AllinOne
FLOPPY:\ = audio
CDROM:\ = drivers

Setup copies the folder (and all subfolders) specified by target_path to the subfolder specified by subfolder_name. The value of target_path can be either a local drive or a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path. If target_path has the keyword FLOPPY:\ as the root, then Setup uses the first local floppy-disk drive. If target_path has the keyword CDROM:\ as the root, then Setup uses the first local CD drive.

If target_path is a UNC path, you must type it as \\server\share\path to establish a local drive mapping to \\server\share by using the optional user credentials specified by the Domain, UserName, and Password entries in the [PnPDriverUpdate] section. If you do not specify these entries in the [PnPDriverUpdate] section, Sysprep in Factory mode uses the values specified by the UserName and Password entries in the [Factory] section of Winbom.ini.

The value subfolder_name is a subfolder located on the destination computer in systemroot\Drivers. If the specified path does not already exist, Setup creates it. To copy drivers starting at the root of systemroot\Drivers, specify a single dot (.) for the subfolder_name.

To specify a folder on the destination computer other than systemroot\Drivers, use the TargetRoot entry in the [PnPDriverUpdate] section.