Windows Home Server Reinstallation

Applies To: Windows Home Server

There are two ways to reset Windows Home Server, depending on how Windows Home Server was installed on your home server.

  • Installed by the hardware manufacturer or by a system builder

    If the hardware manufacturer or a system builder installed Windows Home Server for you, see their documentation to reset Windows Home Server. Reset methods may vary depending on the hardware capabilities.

  • Installed yourself

    If you installed Windows Home Server yourself, reset it by using the Server Reinstallation procedure.

    A server reinstallation reinstalls your system partition, deletes your user accounts, resets your server settings, and removes any installed programs. The files in your shared folders and your computer backups are saved.

To reset Windows Home Server using the Server Reinstallation procedure

  1. Place the Windows Home Server DVD in the drive of your home server.

  2. Restart the computer and boot from the DVD. Windows Home Server Setup starts.

  3. Follow Setup as described in your Windows Home Server Getting Started guide.

  4. On the Select an Installation Type page, select Server Reinstallation.

  5. On the Windows Home Server password page, type a password, a password confirmation, and a password hint. The password you type is your new Windows Home Server password. Make sure the password hint helps you remember the new password.


If you have misplaced your Windows Home Server Getting Started guide, you can download a copy from the Microsoft Web site (


After you reset Windows Home Server, you must reinstall the Windows Home Server Connector software on each of your home computers.