Microsoft BHOLD Reporting Operations Guide


Applies To: Forefront Identity Manager

This operations guide provides information for producing reports by using Microsoft® BHOLD Reporting, a module of the Microsoft BHOLD Suite Service Pack 1 (SP1). This guide consists of the following sections:

When to use this guide

Use this guide when:

  • You want to use built-in reports provided by BHOLD Reporting to extract and view information about your BHOLD role model.

  • You want to create custom reports to extract and view information about the role model to help you understand how the role model meets your business requirements.

    You want to modify existing reports to improve their ability to show the information that you need.

This guide assumes a basic understanding of BHOLD Core and the normalized role models that BHOLD maintains. It contains procedures that are designed for operators or designated users who have varied levels of expertise and experience. Although the procedures provide operator guidance from start to finish, operators must have a basic understanding of how objects in the BHOLD Core role model relate to each other and their purpose. BHOLD Reporting operators must have the necessary permissions in BHOLD to view all BHOLD data. For more information, see BHOLD Core permissions in Microsoft BHOLD Suite Technical Reference.

For information about installing Microsoft BHOLD Suite sp1, see Microsoft BHOLD Suite SP1 Installation Guide.